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Samar Sharif is best known for the smooth curving flow of her Alabaster sculptures.

Samar is an artist who lives and sculpts in Warwickshire. She began sculpting stone under the tutelage of Sculptor and Artist Jude Tucker. After finding great enjoyment and satisfaction in creating art from stone she has continued sculpting for the past six years, often as part of a collective of sculptors.

Before finding stone Samar found artistic expression in sculpting clay and in painting, which she still continues to do when not sculpting. She is drawn to work by Edvard Munch, finding inspiration in the swirling intertwining movement of the dramatic sky’s he painted. Also by the sculpture’s of Auguste Rodin and how his elegant smooth forms often emerge out of rough stone creating an interesting contrast. This coupled with her many trips to the Middle East all inform her work.

Samar sculpts by hand in a variety of stone but currently favours Alabaster, which she sculpts into abstract forms. With these she expresses an organic flow and movement with the stone inspiring calmness and relaxation.

Last year Samar exhibited at ‘Sculpture at Kingham Lodge’ in the Cotswolds. She is also exhibit at ‘Open18’ at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, 17th November 2018 – 12th January 2019

Samar also created four private commissions.

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